Thursday, September 8, 2011

My First Time (Hash)

Over the last few years there has been a lot of talk about the Hash, the Hash House Harriers and hashing on VHF channel 68 in Grenada. We know a few people who “have done it”, many of them repeatedly. Rosie and I were definitely going to “do one” this season and recently we stuck to that promise. It was our first time, we were virgins, and it was Grenada’s 699th hash.

A hash is an aggressive walk or run through forests, over hills, through rivers and along private property. This activity has been around for many years and in many countries worldwide. It is very popular in Grenada and a lot of cruisers and locals participate. It can get very muddy and it definitely is a very sweaty activity! On the day Rosie and I “lost our virginity”, we were part of a big group hiking through the bush, crossing rivers, getting startled by mewing cows and appreciating the scenery. We had to follow a paper trail to stay on track and the hike ended with a steep, shady hill, followed by a tremendously steep road.

After a few slippery falls, two hours of sweating, many pictures, lots of beautiful landscape scenes and arriving amongst the last people in, we were rewarded with refreshing ice cream, cheap local food and a certificate of “loss of virginity”. Our friend Susan was waiting for us. Just like all the grandmas, mothers with babies, teenagers and dogs, she had passed us on the trail, pretty early on. Sure, we took our time, took our pictures and didn’t take it as seriously as most other participants, but… we did have fun! (And, “they” are still talking about those two funny, slow, picture-taking and sandal-wearing women of hash 699!)

Ready to hash!

The Hash Master gives instructions to the Virgins

Follow the mass...

...or follow the paper trail?

The trail passes private properties

Reminder of the exotic surroundings

Not a virgin anymore!

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