A love of traveling combined with a love of writing results in the birth of travel articles. Add to that a sailboat as the means to travel and sailing articles emerge. Life on the water is different and unique, providing enough material for plenty of cruising articles. Visiting sights on shore, enjoying adventures in tropical settings and experiencing different cultures result in the deed of travel writing.

My name is Liesbet Collaert and I am a freelance writer, born and raised in Belgium, and having traveled my whole adult life. I write articles in Dutch and English for people interested in expanding their horizons, traveling, adventure, a different lifestyle, sailing and cruising. Over the last seven years, my husband Mark and I have been living, sailing and working on our 35' catamaran Irie. We left Annapolis, MA in the United States in October 2007 and traveled throughout the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the British and US Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean islands. In the fall of 2011, we sailed through the outer islands of Venezuela, the ABC islands (Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba) and Columbia, to end in Panama around the beginning of 2012. In January 2013, we transited the Panama Canal and spent some time in Islas Las Perlas, followed by two months in the Galapagos Islands. A three week Pacific Ocean crossing brought us to French Polynesia, where we made landfall in the Gambier Islands. After two months there, we sailed to the Marquesas for cyclone season. In February 2014, we explored some islands of the Tuamotu archipelago, before arriving in the Society group, where we will be island hopping for a while.

If anyone is interested in obtaining or commissioning travel articles about the countries we have visited, the sailing adventure or the cruising life, or in a weekly/monthly/ ... column, please get in touch with me via the email address to the right. What makes my writing a bit different from many other articles and blogs, is that I say it the way it is, instead of automatically turning every destination into a story fit for a glossy travel brochure. Underneath is an overview of my published work.

Published Articles:

“Life of a Love Bus”
Bus Conversions Magazine May 2009 issue

Page 14-15

Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine July 2009 issue # 110
Page 79-82

“Barbuda: One of Nature’s Gifts”
Caribbean Compass July 2010 issue # 178
Page 16-17

“Dogs and Cats: A Perfect Match”
Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine May 2011 issue # 131
Page 116

“Cruising the Eastern Caribbean with Your Dog” – Part 1
Caribbean Compass November 2010 issue # 182
Page 20-23

“Cruising the Eastern Caribbean with Your Dog” – Part 2
Caribbean Compass December 2010 issue # 183
Page 30-31

“It’s Always Something”
Caribbean Compass January 2011 issue # 184
Page 48

“There’s More to Marigot than You Think”
All At Sea January 2011
(Page 61-64)

“Antigua Amazes”
Caribbean Compass April 2011 issue # 187
Page 18-19

“Marie-Galante: Remarkable, Rural and Round”
All At Sea April 2011
(Page 66-67)

“Feature Boat Fountaine Pajot "Irie" - Life is "All Good" on This Little Cat”
Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine June 2011 issue #132
Page 34-38

“Mirabella V: Magnificence, Magnitude and Modernity in St. Maarten”
All At Sea August 2011
(Page 45-49)

“Cruisers and Businesses Support the Carriacou Children’s Education Fund: Donations to Date Reach the Magic Number of EC$ 150,000!”
Caribbean Compass September 2011 issue # 192
Page 17

“Carriacou Children’s Education Fund Raises Record Amount during the Carriacou Regatta”
All At Sea October 2011
(Page 85-88)

“Let’s Go Hashing in Grenada!”
All At Sea November 2011
(Page 68-71)

“Los Roques: Do They Rock or Not?”
Caribbean Compass January 2012 issue # 196
Page 21-23

“Nimrod’s Hospitality Shop in Grenada”
Caribbean Compass February 2012 issue # 197
Page 40-41

“Tips and Costs for Transiting the Panama Canal”
All At Sea May 2012
(Page 42-44)

“Ten Realities about the San Blas Islands: Know before You Go!”
Caribbean Compass June 2012 issue # 201 
Page 18-19

“Bonaire: Pocket-Sized Beauty and Diversity”
Multihulls Quarterly November – December 2012

Volume #4, issue #4
Page 16-19

“Why Do We Cruise?”
All At Sea December 2012
(Page 34-36)

“What’s on Your Mind: Mutual Respect and Consideration”
Caribbean Compass January 2013 issue # 208
Page 48

“Ten Tips for Cruisers in the San Blas Islands”
All At Sea February 2013
(Page 46-49)

“Through the Panama Canal: The Easy Way to Switch Oceans”
Caribbean Compass March 2013 issue # 210
Page 28-29

“Catamaran or Monohull: Cruising Catamaran Sailor Liesbet Collaert Looks at the Pros and Cons”
All At Sea April 2013
(Page 46-48)

“There Is a Boat in My Yard! - Haul-out Experiences while Cruising”
All At Sea September 2013
(Page 28-30)

“La Blanquilla – A Venezuelan Stop-over on the Track, but off the Beaten Path”
Blue Water Sailing October 2013
"Cruising Dispatches"; Page 10-14

“Just another Panama Canal Crossing?”
Accepted by Caribbean Beach News and Yachting for a future issue

“Why We Miss the (Eastern) Caribbean”
Caribbean Compass December 2013 issue # 219
Page 18-19

“Bonaire beyond the Bubbles”
(Page 84-85)

“Top Ten Favorite Caribbean Islands” - Photo Story
Islands Online Gallery
(March/April 2014)

"A Cockpit with a View" - Photo Story
All At Sea May 2014 
(Page 48-50)  

“Santa Marta: A Pleasant Colombian Surprise!”
All At Sea June 2014
(Page 70-71)

"The Gambier Islands: Gem of an Archipelago in the South Pacific"
Sailing Today - July 2014
"Dispatches"; Page 98

"French Racer Yvan Bourgnon's Round the World Cruise"
Yachting World - July 2014
Page 92

"Interview: Zeiler Yvan Bourgnon over halfweg rond de wereld..."
Zeilen (Dutch sailing magazine) - September 2014
Pagina 80-84

"A High Speed Encounter at Sea with a Lone Adventurer"
Multihull Sailor (Sail) - Fall (September) 2014
(Page 42-45)
"The East Lemmon Cays, KunaYala"
All At Sea October 2014
(Page 46-48) 

"Sailor Yvan Bourgnon Approaches the Red Sea and the World Record Books"
Sailing Today - November 2014

"Op zeilavontuur in Kuna Yala - Exotisch en uniek"
Varen (Belgian boating magazine) - November/December 2014
Pagina 18-23  

"Solo sailor to rebuild his wrecked yacht"
Yachting World - November 2014
Page 83

 "He Sailed His Beach Cat Where?"
Cruising World - January 2015
Page 27-29


“Liesbet Collaert’s Caribbean”
World Reviewer online publication, published October 8th, 2010

Interview with a Cruiser (IWAC) Project
August 2011 – online interview with (long-term) cruisers

Interview in Flemish woman’s magazine “Flair”
“Zij heeft Lef” - series
Issue 47 – week of 20 November 2012

Interview in “Infogem”, the bi-monthly information magazine of my home town Berlare, Belgium
July-August 2013 edition
Page 34- 35

Interview in Multihull Sailor "At Home on the Water"
Fall (September) 2014
Page 48
Survey in All At Sea Caribbean "Cruising as a way of life"
December 2014
(Page 60-63)


“A Little Reminder”
Caribbean Compass August 2010 issue # 179

“Darwin, the Boat Dog”
Caribbean Compass February 2011 issue # 185
Page 30

Published Walking Tours:


Personal blog: (since 2007) 

Assigned blog for XWaters: (December 2010 - March 2012)


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