Thursday, October 1, 2015

Farewell Irie!

It is final. Irie has been sold. Her new Australian owners will soon bring her to their home country. She will leave French Polynesia after more than two years, just like we left her after more than eight years.

Mark and I are a bit sad, but mostly happy that she will be sailing again and that the burden of owning a sailboat on the other side of the world is lifted. Of course, we will miss Irie; she meant everything to us and was our home for eight years. She brought us all the way from Annapolis, MD on the east coast of the United States, via the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean, to the northern regions of South America. Then, she safely sailed us to our all-time favorite, the San Blas Islands in Panama, before transiting the famous Canal, and entering the Pacific Ocean on the other side. Before we decided to put Irie up for sale, because other priorities arose, we had a great time in the Galapagos Islands and lived two interesting and diverse years afloat in French Polynesia.

We loved the cruising lifestyle and will always have fond memories of Irie, our watery surroundings – the beautiful beaches, the clear water, the amazing wildlife, the colorful and peaceful snorkeling, the people we met (locals and cruisers alike) - the intriguing sites and pulsating cultures, and especially, the peace and solitude of exquisite anchorages. And we will definitely miss the tropical climate! 

While we totally enjoyed being one with nature for so many years, appreciating what she had to offer and living a pretty basic life, we are currently content with the quirks of “modern” living. We indulge in daily hot showers, are aware of conveniences like unlimited internet and electricity, and embrace the fact that we can just take the car somewhere or go for a walk. We are ready for some comfort and landlubber “delights”!

With the sale of Irie another special experience and adventurous chapter of our lives has ended, but a new one – intriguing and exciting on a different level – is about to begin. Officially homeless, we will have our base in the United States for now, but anyone who knows us pretty well, can predict that it is just a matter of time before the next adventure presents itself… What that will be, is anybody’s guess! (But we do have some ideas. :-))

More photos of Irie and stories of our cruising life can be found in older posts on this website. The archive is listed on the right (bottom of the sidebar).

My last view of Irie, when I left Moorea for the last time in July 2015

Irie hauled out for a buyer's survey in Tahiti, August 2015

Irie hauled out at Technimarine in Tahiti - August 2015

Mark's last view of Irie - under contract - in Moorea, August 2015

Bye bye Irie and the cruising lifestyle (for now)