Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alternative Entertainment

What do you do when a planned day trip with friends to the waterfalls literally falls into the water? (How ironic) When it rained all night, making the trail super muddy and useless and the cascading water brown and murky and when it keeps drizzling during the day? When you really expected this fun trip to happen, planned a packed lunch, a “jolly” walk and a refreshing dip in one of Grenada’s most beautiful places? You - or your friends – come up with an alternative activity. 

Most of that anticipated day was still a loss until 3pm in the afternoon, when Rosie, Sim, Mark and I were invited to SV Peter Pan for a yummy cake Susanne had baked.  The rainy day turned into afternoon cake and coffee or tea (yep, it did involve alcohol somehow) and as evening entertainment, we joined up for a quiz at the Tiki Bar in Prickly Bay, where more drinks were consumed and our knowledge was tested…

The crew of SV Alianna and SV Irie enjoying cake and "afternoon tea" on SV Peter Pan

Our group of friends is thinking hard on quiz night at the Tiki Bar

Is this proof enough of Rosie's and my "useful" participation?

Mark (SV Sea Life) is checking our answers with Jan and Susanne

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