Monday, September 26, 2011

The Importance of Good Meals: Samosas

When the weekend comes around, a little more time and effort is put towards the meals on Irie. For many cruisers there is no difference between the days anymore, “every day is Sunday”, but for us, after a busy week of work off or online and being too tired to cook big meals for dinner, it does make a difference when Saturday arrives. Sunday is even better! In the past, we have organized yummy brunches in our cockpit (or have been invited by friends for breakfast) and sometimes, we have the urge to put a great dinner together.

Sunday, it was time again for homemade samosas. We were a bit tired from Saturday’s events and it was yet another very hot and humid day, having us sweat constantly. Slaving in the kitchen all afternoon was not very desirable, but we had all the necessary ingredients, it was Sunday and we were looking forward to this wonderful Indian dish. We stuck to the plan and when our friends Susanne and Jan came over in the early evening with a tasty salad, we presented them and us with some really delicious samosas, the best I have ever had. What a treat! Yes, good food is important on Irie; it even warrants a few blogs a month!



Baxter, Molly and Kala said...

They look great. Do you have an easy "boat-friendly" recipe?


Molly, S/V Stella Blue

Liesbet said...

Hello Molly,

They looked great and tasted even "greater"! :-)

The recipe is boat friendly and you can basically do it all in one pan (if you don't mind washing it between the frying of the filling and the frying of the samosas). All ingredients are easily found in an ordinary grocery store and the whole process takes around two hours.

I would love to share the recipe, but there is only one problem: We used the "How to Cook Everything" cook book by Mark Bittman, which we have on our iTouch. It is virtually impossible to copy and paste all the ingredients and directions into an email or document. They made sure it is not easy to copy! :-(

Only simple ingredients are necessary ( green peas, onion, garlic, ginger, potatoes, hot pepper and curry powder, salt and pepper) and the dough is made with flour, butter and a little bit of yoghurt. We made the "potato filled" samosas and added some chopped ham to the pan. This "app" (cookbook) has been great and we use it often. It has original and easy recipes and we would recommend everybody to acquire the book, either digitally or in paper...

I hope this helps. Happy sailing and happy cooking!