Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hash 700 in Grenada

A lot of hype has been surrounding the 700th hash in Grenada. Rosie and I liked number 699 enough to give it another try, expecting it to be very easy, because of the anticipated crowds. We even convinced our other halves – who expected a lot of beer involvement - to join. This special hash attracted a huge amount of people amongst which the country’s prime minister and the biggest group of cruisers ever. A total of 7 buses brought all the sailors to just north of St. George’s where the event started.

After a short introduction, the hundreds of hashers took off, running, walking or strolling. We stayed towards the back this time, trying to avoid all the overtaking from last time. It was extremely busy with queues of hikers barraging the forest, climbing - and sliding - the steep hill and a quieter time heading back down. A conveniently located local rum shop had us stop for a bit. By the time Rosie, Sim, Mark and I arrived at the field for the evening entertainment, dusk set in. We were the last ones to check back in, thanks to the beer and rum inhalations at the bar.

Fate had it that I just sliced my big toe pretty badly the morning of this anticipated event

Participants with new shoes have to "break them in" by drinking beer out of them...

The hash is watched by locals whose property we pass...

... and by cows showing their annoyance of being disturbed

One of the nice views after climbing a massive hill during hash 700

A welcoming break in a rum shop close to the finish

The evening hash events take place on the "sunset" side of Grenada

Rosie enjoys a refreshing and well-deserved beer after the sweaty hike

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