Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Grenada

A highlight for most visitors to Grenada, but not part of cruise ship passengers’ itineraries or most island tour schedules, the Seven Sisters Falls have been high on our list for a while. A couple of weeks ago, we made an attempt to visit, but didn’t come further than talking some friends into joining us to then postpone the event, because of heavy rains. We had afternoon cake and coffee instead. Yesterday, under a grey sky, Mark and I bit the bullet and decided to “go for it”, no matter how the weather would turn out…

Visiting the Seven Sisters Waterfalls on your own is affordable and fairly easy to do. You take the bus to the bus station in St. George’s (# 1 from Prickly Bay and #2 from Clarkes Court Bay/ Woburn) for EC$ 2.5 and hop on bus #6 to Grand Etang/Grenville (EC$ 5 per person). Ask the driver to drop you off at the Seven Sisters (also called St. Margaret Falls) – which you will reach after a good half hour drive in the mountains - and walk the short distance to the little store in the parking lot. There, you sign in and pay EC$5 entrance fee, if somebody is present. The falls are located on private property and the fee pays to maintain the place. Grab a walking stick if needed, but don’t forget to return it afterwards. Finding a bus back to St. George’s that has empty seats is a bit challenging, but you might get lucky or creative (hitch a ride back or go to Grenville first).

Immediately after we paid, a massive rainstorm ensued, so we were soaking wet, before we even started! It kept us cool all day… We followed a road down to the start of the narrow, but pretty trail. The whole stretch to the falls is downhill, through some muddy areas, over rocks and a river. The wideness of this river depends on the amount of rainwater rushing down. After about 20 minutes hiking through the rain forest and moist, green foliage, the main waterfalls appear and are an attractive sight in a beautiful setting. It is a great spot for lunch, some contemplation while listening to nature’s sounds or a swim. If you are as lucky as we were, you have the whole place to yourself. A dip in one of the pools (there are two waterfalls at this level) is more than refreshing! It is possible to take a side trail and walk further up to the rest of the waterfall chain, but we haven’t done so (yet) and assume you need a guide. Mark and I both enjoyed the hike and the peace and didn’t even mind huffing and puffing, all the way back up (it really isn’t that bad)!

The trail was pretty wet (but "clean") right after the rainfall

Crossing the river before reaching the waterfalls

In front of one of the Seven Sisters

Massive bamboo

Avocado tree

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