Sunday, December 27, 2020

Publication of My Sailing Memoir "Plunge - One Woman's Pursuit of a Life Less Ordinary"

Hello everyone!

I thought (old) readers of this sailing blog, It's Irie, might be interested in my recently published sailing memoir, Plunge - One Woman's Pursuit of a Life Less Ordinary.

* A Women Who Sail book club selection *

* An Ocean Navigator Notable Title *


Tropical waters turn tumultuous in this travel memoir as a free-spirited woman jumps headfirst into a sailing adventure with a new man and his two dogs.


Join Liesbet as she faces a decision that sends her into a whirlwind of love, loss, and living in the moment. When she swaps life as she knows it for an uncertain future on a sailboat, she succumbs to seasickness and a growing desire to be alone.


Guided by impulsiveness and the joys of an alternative lifestyle, she must navigate personal storms, trouble with US immigration, adverse weather conditions, and doubts about her newfound love.


Does Liesbet find happiness? Will the dogs outlast the man? Or is this just another reality check on a dream to live at sea?


Free sample

You can read the prologue and first two chapters of Plunge for free by clicking the cover or "FREE PREVIEW" underneath.

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To buy Plunge as an eBook, find retailers here.

To buy Plunge as a paperback, find which retailers carry the book here .

In-store availability

Plunge is available in Newburyport's local, indie bookstore Jabberwocky (50 Water St #22, Newburyport, MA 01950) and in select libraries across the world. It is also possible to order the book at your bookstore of choice or request it at your local library.

Signed copies

If you happen to meet me on the road, I always carry a few paperbacks of Plunge with me and am happy to autograph a book for you.

Happy reading!