Monday, May 6, 2013

Highlights of the Galapagos - Picture Blog

The main highlight of the Galapagos islands is its wildlife. And the amazingness of that cannot be described in words. A picture says more than... :-) Movies will follow in the future.

Note: None of these animals live in captivity, they are all photographed in their natural environment, except for the mating tortoises.

Sea lions

Let's go for a swim!

Comfy spot

Wet and dry version

Perfect spot to sunbathe

Blue-footed boobies

Nasca boobies


Marine iguanas 

Love is in the air...

Frigate birds 


Giant tortoises

Reproduction time
Some of these giants grow to be 150 years old

Galapagos penguins


Spotted eagle ray
Golden rays
 White tip reef shark or was it black?

Marine turtles


Sunset in San Cristobal
Full moon in Isabela

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