Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 6 to FP - Wobbly Mother's Day!

Time: 2300UTC, COG 250T, SOG 7.5kts, Distance Remaining: 2286nm

Happy Mother's Day to both our beloved mums: mum Carol, many thousands of
miles away in Massachusetts, and mama Agnes, even many more thousands of
miles away in Belgium. We hope you had a wonderful day with some pleasant
weather, tasty food, loving children and no complaints. On Irie, today was
supposed to be Shower Day, but it is cloudy, windy and very bumpy. Mark and
I are wearing sweaters during the day, while sea water is splashing up into
the cockpit. That does not count as a shower. Our poor boat is being tossed
around like a little toy, in the massive waves and confused seas. Doing
stuff on deck is impossible, and so is fishing, bread making or shaving. I
even took some seasickness medicine today, to be able to do something else
than continuously staring at the constantly moving horizon. Nevertheless, I
ended up doing just that all day: looking at the rising and falling horizon.
Even though we are making good speed today, we're sailing at around 7.5
knots (we did lose our 1 knot of favorable current, unfortunately), it is
pretty uncomfortable. Waves are banging against the bridge deck sending
things flying, shaking the whole house, turning Irie into a bucking horse.
Whatever that can fall over (like the basil plant) has fallen over. While we
eat, things blow all over the place, from milk to lettuce, to napkins and
crumbs. Mark and I are nailed to our seats and clipped in for safety, life
jackets in place, just in case the wobbly seas send us flying as well..
I have noticed that when I complained about something in the past, the issue
was resolved fairly quickly. I wrote about the lack of wind and the
following day, we had wind. I complained about not catching fish and we
caught a small fish. Let's try that again: I hereby humbly ask for smaller
waves and a sunny day. Our noses will benefit from it.

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