Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 1 to FP (French Polynesia) - Shrinking Isabela

Time: 2315UTC, COG 225T, SOG 5kts

We left Isabela. Well, not totally; we are still kind of following its
southern shore. After lingering at anchor for a bit longer, savoring the
environment and watching the last sea lions, turtle, penguins and boobies,
we had an early lunch and lifted anchor around noon. The winds were light,
from the SSE, while our heading is SW. The sails were trimmed close hauled.
Who would have thought we'd be going into the wind to French Polynesia? The
swell is pretty gentle, so it's not too bumpy. After some slow progress for
a few hours, our speed is now up to about 5 knots. Two manta rays crossed
our path; one of them made a double summersault, Goodbye Galapagos!


Anonymous said...

Good luck, we follow your blog 'allegra'

Liesbet said...

Thank you, guys! We could use all that luck... :-)