Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 4 to FP: Sailing!

Time: 2310UTC, COG 240T, SOG 5.5kts, Distance Remaining: 2602nm

We are sailing! You know, sailing as in two full sails up and actually
moving through the water. If someone were to look down on Irie right now,
they would see a gorgeous white speck, inching its way across a vast blue
surface. It would look peaceful from above. On the good ship itself, it is a
little bit bouncy, since we are heading into the wind and the waves. Last
night, the wind completely died again for a few hours. We had to take the
slapping and banging sails down to prevent damage and resorted to just
drifting again. A little rain squall brought some wind and with close
attention, trying to keep the sails full, we managed to move at around 3
knots. Then, around 2:30 am, someone switched the wind on! Since then, we
have been treated with 10-12 knots of wind out of the SSE, pushing Irie
westward at 5-6 knots. That's more like it! :)


philnance said...

Good Stuff. Hope the rest of your jump is straight downhill. Safe travels.

Liesbet said...

Thanks, Phil! Rough, but safe enough... :-)