Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fatu Hiva in Pictures - Part 1

Underneath are a bunch of pictures of beautiful and spectacular Hanavave Bay and the island of Fatu Hiva. The selection I made for the blog is still pretty big, so here is the fist part of the lot...

Mark is looking at the steep cliffs around us, on our first dinghy ride to shore

The impressive head of Hanavave Bay - our daily view from Irie

Local kids playing in the harbor during the weekend

View upriver from the shoreline

Church of Hanavave - Mark and I attended one Sunday service, all in the Marquesan language and with singing and instruments

Walk through and to "town"

Nice setting for a house, on the edge of the village

Hanavave Bay on a clear and sunny day

Part of the bay, with the "phallus rocks". It was originally named "Bay of Penises" (Bay des Verges), but the missionaries changed it into the "Bay of Virgins" (Baie des Vierges) by adding an "i".)

Coconut drying platform to make copra

Leaving town in search for the waterfall

Strayed into the hills, where there was ... no waterfall!

There she is, with a nice swimming pool underneath

The 300 feet high no-name waterfall,a refreshing treat for the eye and the body!

Vintage point along the trail

Do as the Polynesian women do...

Heading back to town from the waterfall in the hills

Hanavave Bay near sunset - beautiful light and colors...

Keyhole in the rocks, on the 3 mile dinghy ride to Omoa, Fatu Hiva's capital

Traditional outrigger canoe (Omoa)

Tiki in Omoa town

Tikis along the waterfront of Omoa

Church in Omoa

Drying the copra in a beautiful setting (Omoa)

Ancient petroglyph of a dorado fish (Omoa)

Ruins of ancient stone platforms (paepaes) in Omoa

Hanavave Bay during light rain, including rainbow. The many "moods" of the bay create limitless photo opportunities!


Angela said...

Is it possible, with full acknowledgement (As in"LOCATION - by Brian of SV Delos") to use some of your photos on a Facebook page about virtual WALKS to my dream locations around the world to raise awareness about MS and donations towards research into a cure ... PLEASE!

Liesbet said...

Hi Angela! Sure, feel free to use the photos you like and find appropriate. I appreciate you giving acknowledgement to me - Liesbet Collaert. Feel free to tag me on Facebook as well, with my name, so I can check out your post and give it the support it deserves. :)