Monday, September 2, 2013

Fatu Hiva in Pictures - Part 2

Here are some more pictures of the island of Fatu Hiva, in the Marquesas, French Polynesia. In case you are wondering why we spent so much time (four weeks) there... :-) To read the stories, scroll down the page and click "older posts".

Arriving at the highest point on the Fatu Hiva road

Hiking the mountain trail towards Ouia

The bay of Ouia lays in the distance, a steep, overgrown and slippery descend away - we turned around

Lush fern trees

Curious vine smothering one of the trees along the overgrown path

On the edge of a dormant volcano

Walking back to the main road - parts of the trail are cleaned and cleared now!

Bright flower

View from the main road, descending towards Hanavave

Hanavave bay with its steep walls

The comfortable anchorage of Hanavave -  Irie is the boat on the left in the foreground

Not much vegetation grows in the higher altitudes of the island

When the dirt road turns to asphalt, it goes down, down down, with steep switchbacks

Awesome outcrops on top of the hills

Checking out the Maria statue, where the passengers of our car up the mountain stopped to pray

Dinghy playing with the dolphins

After days of rain, new waterfalls appear in the bay

One of the many caves along the bay

Once a month, the cargo ship Aranui stops in Fatu Hiva with provisions (limited produce, no dinner veggies) and tourists

Traditional drumming for the Aranui visit

With some traditional Marquesan dancing to go with it

Visit to the waterfall with friends

Taking a "natural shower" while we were at it!

Views hidden by rain clouds

Irie in Hanavave Bay

Visiting Allan on SV Quintessa - he is a shell collector and connoisseur

Celebrating Allan's birthday on Quintessa

SV Cashtoki with a nice sunset

We were given a leg of goat for fixing a local's underwater flashlight - goat curry for all (except the vegetarians)

Another visit to the waterfall, in better weather this time!


Petroglyph on the way to (from) the waterfall


Lisa Dorenfest said...

I think that Fatu Hiva may be one of (if not the most) beautiful place on the face of the earth! I remember when we sailed in there I thought to myself ...this is where Peter Pan would live :-)

Liesbet said...

It is a stunning harbor that can create many moods. We really lucked out with the calm condition when we were there, to be able to stay a month. Not sure what I would call the most beautiful place on earth. I would have to give this a lot of thought. There are so many places that are visually striking. Moorea is another one. :-)