Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Visit to Tahuata, Marquesas - Pictures

Entering Hanamoenoa Bay, we passed a school of small manta rays with Irie

A couple of days later, we were fortunate enough to swim/snorkel with three "big ones"

Liesbet and one of the mantas

Michael from SV Kril is filming one of the gentle giants

The beach and pretty water of Hanamoenoa Bay

Snorkeling above coral...

... and with colorful fish

Pitufa in the sunset

More pretty fish...

Cocktail party on SV Yum Yum with Fabio, Lisa, Thor and Valentine

Our harvest from shore: pamplemousses and coconuts under the table, mangoes, oranges and lemons above

Outrigger canoes in Vaitahu village

The memorial for chief Iotete, who signed a treaty with France and revolted afterwards

The interesting looking church of Vaitahu

Another canoe in Vaitahu

First sprouting experiment, with lentils

Scroll down to read the stories about our twelve day visit to Hanamoenoa Bay in Tahuata.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Looks like you are both doing well. I'm enjoying your blog posts as you move around the Pacific. I would be curious to hear your impressions of the Pacific islands compared to the Caribbean. John and Dawnelle.

Liesbet said...

Hello John and Dawnelle!

How are you guys? And where are you at the moment?
It's funny, because I am actually planning to write an article for AAS about the differences between cruising in the Caribbean and the Pacific, whenever we have covered some more ground and regions.

In short: in the Pacific the distances are longer, the ocean is rougher and the trips less comfortable, due to the above and the fact that weather predictions don't go out that far... Life is more expensive, but when you are stocked up, catch fish and find fruits, it's not too bad. Alcohol and wine are unaffordable. The culture is more interesting and so are the views from the anchorage and ashore. The social scene is only present when you come in the high season (local winter time), bars and restaurants are far and few in between, happy hours non-existent. Anchorages are less comfortable, especially for monohulls. Fish are big and the sea life amazing.

I hope you get to read this. Have fun wherever you guys are and happy sailing!