Friday, January 16, 2015

Published in Cruising World!

I have been writing articles for a while now – a list of published work can be found under “Articles” at the top of this page – but this one deserves a special mention.

When Mark and I were in the Tuamotus in April 2014, we saw the little beach cat “Ma Louloutte” of the French/Swiss sailor Yvan Bourgnon. It drew quite some attention, what with it being so little and going around the world. A week or so later (it was Easter Sunday), while in Tahiti, I went over to Yvan to say “hi” and ask him a few informal questions about his goal. What he was trying to accomplish – sailing around the world in a small catamaran of 21ft without a cabin and setting a world record by doing so – was impressive as well as a bit crazy. I realized then that the subject would make a good story. While we were in the States over the summer, I looked at different angles and ways of telling his – and our – tale, resulting in some interesting articles for different major sailing magazines. These stories have been published since, in Belgium, the UK and the USA. But, my “best piece” was intended for Cruising World.

Just when I was about to send this version of the article to the well-known cruising magazine – after a decent amount of rewrites – Yvan crashed his Ma Louloutte in Sri Lanka. He survived, but his boat did not. Despair on many levels. But, Yvan was not ready to give up! A new version of the story had to be written for CW, taking into account the sailor’s accomplishments up until the Indian Ocean and his plans to complete his journey in a rebuilt Ma Louloutte. I am now proud to announce that the article “He Sailed His Beach Cat Where?” about Yvan Bourgnon, his arduous feat and our meeting in French Polynesia is published in this month’s (January 2015) Cruising World! I feel like I can finally tell people that I am a “respected writer" now… :-)

Yvan sailing Ma Louloutte past Irie in Fakarava lagoon

Ma Louloutte passing Irie on the way to Tahiti

Ma Louloutte moored in Tahiti

A different view of 21ft Ma Louloutte

Yvan Bourgnon and his wife Nadia in Tahiti


Lisa Dorenfest said...

Huge Congratulations to you Liesbet. This is icing on the cake given all the articles that you have published. Your hard word and talent continue to pay off. I am proud to know you :-).

Liesbet said...

Oooooh, thank you, Lisa! And, your well-written stories and amazing photographs do not go unnoticed either! I do love your blog and your accomplishments as well! :-)