Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Start of a New Year in Huahine

Here in Huahine, French Polynesia, Mark and I, and our friends from SV Heartbeat and SV Namaste, were amongst the last ones in the world to celebrate the New Year. While most of our families and friends, from the US, to New Zealand, to Belgium woke up on or moved well into the first day of January, we were fighting to stay awake till midnight!

The six of us spent New Year’s Eve at the Yacht Club in Fare, Huahine, where we enjoyed a tasty Happy Hour (stocking up on as many drinks – at half price - as the establishment allowed us, so we would last well into the night without spending fortunes) and split portions of yummy French fries for the first hunger. We also ordered dinner here, easily feeling wide awake at 9pm. Still three hours to go! Cruiser’s midnight approached (10pm) and just like every other year, we all wondered whether we would make it to the real midnight. Quite pathetic, really, but daily routines and schedules on the boat are very different from shore life, and so is the atmosphere. Luckily, the Yacht Club has pool tables and a foosball table, turning us cruisers into fierce competitors. Good fun was had, but by the end of the evening, we were really just waiting around until cheers went up from the bar and we presumed it was midnight. As the New Year started, we all returned home to our faithful beds, in the absence of fireworks. Our dogs would have loved it!

Since then, Mark and I have been focusing on the business as always, with not too many distractions in between. The weather is surprisingly gorgeous, with sunny days and regular rain showers in the afternoon or at night. The trade winds are lacking this time of the year and the high temperatures and humidity provide a lot of sweating, even while just sitting still behind the computer… One morning, our little group went for an enjoyable and refreshing snorkel in the bay. On the beach, local families and groups of friends have been partying hard, playing music out of boom boxes or singing and playing ukulele quite beautifully. Soon, life will pick up its usual pace with stores being open again and kids returning to school after a month long summer break. Our break will have to wait a little bit longer. :-)

The "girls": Liesbet, Monique and Rachel

The "boys": Patrick, Garth and Mark

Sunset on the last day of 2014

Patrick beating Mark (for now) at foosball

Spoiling ourselves with smoked salmon, brie and goat cheese on New Year's Day

Sunset over Raiatea in 2015, a couple of days ago

Walking over coral beaches to our snorkel starting point

Spotfin lionfish

Reeftop pipefish

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Lisa Dorenfest said...

Loved your reference to 'cruisers midnight'. We so wanted to celebrate New Years at 'cruiser midnight' but our guests wanted to keep going so that we did. Great to see you looking so well and in such great company. Also nice to hear that you are having good weather! Hope that continues. Beautiful shots as always. Cheers!