Friday, June 13, 2014

Pleasant Distractions while in New England

Since Mark and I have been here, in Newburyport, life hasn’t all been “bad and cancerous”. Friends have visited and family events have taken place. Not to the extent and with as much fun and happiness as during previous visits, but pleasant, nevertheless. The weather started out being very crappy and cold, but things seem to be improving now. We love the sun!!! While we avoid the heat and sunrays at all cost while running errands and hiking in the tropical climate of French Polynesia, we now choose the sunny parts of sidewalks and avoid shady benches when exploring the area and taking in the surroundings.

One day our friends Ryan and Denise and their quickly growing son Jake came by to see us. We had a nice time having drinks overlooking the river, walking along the waterfront and being treated to a good dinner in town. Twice now, our friends Scott and Lisa have picked us up and brought us to their house on a lake in Newton, NH, not too far away from here. They spoil us rotten, and there we have some welcome peace and relaxation in good company and a laid-back environment. The second time, right after Mark’s surgery, we returned to house and dog sit. We avoided our computers and the cold weather, by watching TV for days – quite the sensory overload experience, when you usually never watch anything like this. Did you know that on some US channels 4 minutes of a program is alternated by 3 minutes of commercials? And, to take all these convincing ads in on a 65” screen… Wow!! Two days of this was enough for many years to come.

Our brother-in-law Brian picked us up in Newton, but, before we returned to Newburyport to spend some days in his lovely company, he and I paddled Mark around the lake in a big canoe; good exercise and an enjoyable experience for all of us, despite all the other “redneck” activities going on on the water, like power boating, water skiing and jet skiing. Weekdays are much quieter there. And, then there are “the babies” of course! Mark’s brother Tim and his wife Kristen gave birth to beautiful twin girls about nine months ago. A lot of time is now spent watching and holding Cera and Lily on Plum Island, a 10-minute drive away!!!

Mark's mom Carol with Lily

Mark with the other baby, Cera

Denise, Mark, Liesbet, and Ryan along Newburyport's waterfront

Mark's parents Carol and Stan allowed us to "move in"

A wonderful sushi dinner, thanks to Scott and Lisa

Ueli, Mark and Jasmine on the couch
Comfy Jazz on Liesbet's lap
"Our" Lake in Newton, New Hampshire
Scott, the grill master
Liesbet and Lisa; it's not quite summer yet!

Ueli and Jazz playing in the yard

The bigger, the better!??

Putting part of the dock in the freezing lake water
Brian and I row Mark around the pretty (and warmer) lake
Kennebunkport, Maine

A few old cars drove through Kennebunkport that Sunday

Maine is famous for its lobsters

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island

Walk in the Wildlife Refuge

The beach on Plum Island, Newbury - not quite like the South Pacific

Sharon, Mark and Brian, walking the "wild" beach


Lisa Dorenfest said...

LOVE that you are both surrounded by so much love! Great photos. We miss you

Liesbet said...

And we are so happy with all the love that is coming from overseas as well!! xx