Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boston, MA: Where Tahitian Cruisers Meet!

A funny and enjoyable coincidence just happened a couple of weeks ago. Our Italian friend Giorgio – who we met in Fatu Hiva and had a good time with ever since, each time we ended up in the same anchorage – has his sailboat Hua Motu in Taina Marina, not too far away from Irie. He gave us the last items out of his fridge, before he temporarily left his floating home in Tahiti, and Mark brought him ashore to catch the plane to Italy. Not two weeks later, ironically, I passed on his food and our cold items to other cruising friends and received my ride ashore to catch a plane to the US.

We knew Giorgio was going to fly through Boston to meet up with his best friend at some point, but, frankly, we had forgotten about it. So, it was a nice surprise when we received his email and the words of meeting up with us, two days in a row. First, he visited us here in Newburyport, where we went out for a walk along the waterfront and an evening at a local bar. Mark and Giorgio were delighted with the big selection of micro brews they offered on tap in “The Grog” (this was before Mark read and realized how bad alcohol is in regards to cancer and the prevention of it) and we enjoyed a nice dinner together.

The following day, after Mark and I saw the surgeon, we met up with Giorgio again and had a lovely day in Boston, despite the crappy weather. We went for a walk and – avoiding the chilly temperatures outside – watched the first game of the World Cup in a bar. Brazil played Croatia, the country where Giorgio was born. Afterwards, the three of us joined other Italian friends at an art gallery event, where we met a group of very interesting, smart and eclectic people. We all hit it off and gathered in a Greek restaurant for dinner. And that is how Tahitian cruisers met in quite a different setting, but with the same fun and social outcome!

The daily special at the Grog (breaded scallops) was "everyone's" favorite on the menu!

In Boston, we passed a "store for the home brewer"...

... with a lot of "goodies" to try out on our boats

Lunch in a Thai restaurant - we are living (read: spending) large!

Another interesting stop along Newbury Street: a 3D printer shop. Amazing what can be created with these portable machines!

Mark and I in front of special purple flowers, in the Public Garden

Massachusetts State House (capitol)

Small art gallery in Watertown, where we met an interesting bunch of Italians

Enrika, her daughter and I are trying to stay warm in the Greek restaurant, where the air conditioner is blowing full blast... for no reason

And, while we are being social, here is the picture of Stan and Carol's 57th anniversary lunch celebration in Ceia, a very good restaurant in the center of Newburyport. Mark's brother Tim and Kristen joined us for this tasty event! A nice family reunion.


Lisa Dorenfest said...

What a lovely treat to have a visit from Giorgio! We look forward to tasting some of your home brew with your new goodies.

Wayne said...

Just caught up on reading... what a small world this is when you meet up with friends from far off places (in another far off place). Wishing you guys all the best!

Liesbet said...

Thank you, Wayne! And, in regards to that home brew, Lisa, we still need a lot of practice!! :-)