Saturday, February 8, 2014

Good to be Home

The distance can hardly be longer. On previous arrivals in and departures from Belgium, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to catch a plane and reach my destination “just like that”. This time, it took a bit longer and involved a tad more effort and endurance, but guess what? It is possible and “not just like that” I am back on Irie, in the South Pacific.

The contrast could not be bigger. The climate is hot and humid instead of cold and dry, the people speak French and Marquesan, instead of Dutch, I am wearing a bikini instead of a coat, hat, scarf and gloves, my world is in constant motion, instead of comfortable and stable, I am doing laundry by hand, preparing my own food and cleaning my own surroundings, instead of being taken care of by my parents, food is basic instead of glorious, choices are limited instead of overwhelming, and posting this blog will take about an hour, instead of a few minutes! Ah, the joys of living on a remote patch of salt water. :-)

I enjoyed being with friends and family, feasting on pastries and moving about in comfort for the three weeks I was in Belgium. But, it went way too quick and more hectic than ever. The fact that I had been derived of conveniences, like good internet and the availability of boat parts, certain food items and household stuff for so long (resulting in a lot of research, running around, shopping and days on the internet) and the decision to get my health checked thoroughly definitely had something to do with my “lack of time” for more fun and relaxing activities. So, “just like that”, my time in Belgium came to an end and three days later, after a quick stop in Tahiti, I found myself back on Irie and in the company of my wonderful and happy-to-see-me husband. It’s good to be home!

Visit with Rosy and Yanou (and Peter) in Merelbeke

The first time ever that aunt Liesbet was present on Lena's birthday

Happy 5th birthday, Lena!

Oma and Liesbet at the birthday party

Coloring with Lena at my parents' house

An abundance of good company and good food at Griet and Wim's place

Which ingredient is absent on Irie? All of them!

Brussels waffle with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream

My favorite Sunday breakfast (and afternoon snack)

Belgium from the air

Los Angeles from the air

Tahiti from the ground

The island of Moorea seen from Taina Marina 

Practice for canoe races in Papeete, Tahiti

Sunset over Moorea

Hiva Oa from the air

Nuku Hiva from the air - Almost home!

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