Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hakahau in Ua Pou

The road and the trail to the cross on the hill slowly sloped up. It was an easy, albeit sweaty, hike to the top; a perfect one to try out our new sandals. A massive blister aside, it felt great to do something interesting and active again. The view of the bay, the village and the surrounding hills was nice, but the famous “spires” of Ua Pou, the peaks of some mountains, stayed hidden in the clouds. After being in Hakahau for six days, they barely "peaked" out once.

A Marquesan village is not complete without a breezy church and its skilfully engraved woodwork. The cemetery in the back was cute as well. Mark and I walked a bit more throughout the town, but didn’t find any other sights. Having come to a stopping point workwise and after a very frustrating day of toilet repairs, it is time to move on. Practicing my new hobby, which is called “resting”, the perfect thing to do when the boat wobbles up and down and when the heat and humidity is getting a bit too much, will therefore be put on hold until further notice as well. Let’s go sailing and exploring!

Anaho Bay in Ua Pou

The bay and anchorage of Hakahau

Hidden peaks of Ua Pou, seen from the cross

Church of Hakahau

Interior of the church, where openings under the roof provide fresh air

Hakahau cemetery

Irie, about the be alone in the bay

Tiki spigot with potable water, near the primary school in the village

Proud to introduce: our new - bright white - toilet pump!

The spires, almost totally visible on day six in the bay

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