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Liebster Award Nomination for “It’s Irie”!

The Liebster Award is an unofficial award given by cruisers to cruisers to bring awareness to their blogs and to promote stories and blog posts about the cruising lifestyle. Although I have yet to see the Liebster Award actually being awarded, it all seems to start with nominations. When you are nominated for the Liebster Award by a person who enjoys reading your blog, you are to send thanks to your “awarder” by posting a link to his/her blog site, answer ten questions posed to you (and to 5-10 other blog writers they nominated), and nominate up to ten blogs you like or think that stand out by asking those writers ten new questions. These nominations can be accepted, declined or ignored, and although this method seems to present a modern form of chain letters (or an innocent “pyramid scheme” according to Mark :-)), the whole exercise is good-humored, harmless, relaxed and a fun thing to do. This tradition will get the word out about blogs that are worthwhile and will hopefully provide the readers with an amusing and interesting insight in the cruising life.

So, I will start off by thanking my super friend and long term cruiser Rosie of SV Wandering Star and Phil and Aimee of SV Terrapin, who are itching to set out on their own cruising adventure with their two kids, for nominating our blog “It’s Irie” for the Liebster Award. This nomination has been going around for a while, hence we received two nominations back to back. To avoid this from happening a third time, I cannot wait any longer and have to write this blog post now! :-)

Because of the double nomination, we received two lists of ten questions. Here is what Rosie wanted to know:

1.            Where are you and your boat right now?

Moorea, French Polynesia, South Pacific

2.            What do you like best about cruising?

The wildlife encounters, the peacefulness, the adventure, the gift of time, being one with nature, the different cultures, islands and sights we get to experience and see – something that might be impossible otherwise because of their location and prohibitive cost to visit.

3.            What three items can you not live without on your boat?

My husband, our dinghy, our fridge, propane, rainwater, electricity (solar panels, wind generator, batteries), camera, computer – hmmm, I guess these are more than three items, but all needed to function on our boat. :-)

4.            What is the best piece of equipment you have bought for your boat in the last year?

New jib and new anchor chain; again both needed. We only buy things for the boat that are really required.

5.            Do you jump into the water head first or feet first?

Tippy toes first! Feet first when it has to go quick; head first when naked (otherwise I lose my bikini).

6.            What is your favourite sun downer tipple?

Rum and coke in the Caribbean; a glass of red wine for me and a glass of beer for Mark since being in French Polynesia

7.            What makes an ideal anchorage for you?

A quiet, comfortable anchorage in 10 feet of clear water over a sandy bottom with healthy reefs within swimming distance

8.            Where is your favourite anchorage?

If I would tell anyone, it wouldn’t be quiet anymore! :-)

9.            What hobbies or pastimes do you have when not doing boat maintenance?

Writing, reading, snorkeling, hiking – free activities to make up for all the money spent on boat maintenance…

10.        What is your favourite knot?

If you don’t know how to tie a knot, tie a lot! But, the bowline remains my favorite!

And these are the questions from SV Terrapin:

1.       What was the defining moment when you knew that you had to set sail?

Buying Irie in Annapolis in 2007, discovering that our dogs Kali and Darwin liked the catamaran, receiving my Greencard (which we only needed for me to stay long enough until Irie was ready to go, but we were ready before the Greencard arrived) and sensing new adventures.
2.       What's the one comfort you wish you had while cruising?


A pressurized shower with warm water… and ice cream

3.       How long do you plan to be out?  Is it until the money runs out or are your plans finite?

Until we are ready to do something different, but not less exciting.

4.       What is the most awesome place you have visited so far?

Galapagos Islands – runner up: San Blas Islands in Panama

5.       What is the least awesome place you have visited so far?

Curaçao – runner up: mainland Panama (not so much for the countries themselves, but for the negative experiences we had there)

6.       What advice would you give our family as we're about to set out?

Don’t go overboard preparing and equipping your boat if it means postponing your departure – you will figure things out along the way and prioritize by experience which items are required for your life aboard. Also: don’t rush anywhere, try to avoid being on a schedule, and take the weather into consideration – always!

7.       What is the one place that you can't wait to visit?

There are just too many (only some of them boat-related)… But, let’s just say Tonga for now.

8.       Wine? Beer? Margaritas? Feel free say all of the above

All of the above amongst both of us.

9.       Do you ever get sick of your crew?  What do you do for personal space on a boat?

This is a toughie… :-) No, we don’t get sick of each other. When I need personal space, I go down into one of the hulls or go for a swim; when Mark needs personal space, he just (mentally) blocks me out and focusses on what’s on hand.

10.   What is the one non-essential item on your boat that you would not want to live without?

The dinghy (based on Rosie’s similar question higher up, I should probably answer “my husband” here…)

Although we don’t have the internet sources to follow a lot of blogs, I do enjoy reading the stories of friends we met along the way. These are the blogs that I nominate for the Liebster Award, to keep the momentum, recognition and interest going:

1)      Lisa Dorenfest

2)      SV Juffa

3)      SV Reach

4)      SV Gypsy Blues

5)      SV Pitufa

6)      SV Liward

7)      SV Zenna

8)      SV Chapter Two

9)      MV Domino

I understand the internet limitations of most cruisers and I respect everyone’s choice as to participate in the Liebster Award or not. For those blogger friends of us who are interested to continue the Liebster Award tradition, here are my questions to you:

1)      What prompted you to start cruising?

2)      What is your ultimate goal with this adventure (reaching a certain destination, circumnavigation, personal achievement …)?

3)      Name five things you do every day on your boat that you wouldn’t do if you were to have a different lifestyle.

4)      How do you make your relationship work onboard?

5)      What makes you smile?

6)      What is the boat chore you dread most? Feel free to mention more than one!

7)      What do you love about your floating home?

8)      What would you change about your boat if money is not an issue?

9)      Which anchorage do you prefer: a snorkeler’s dream or a hiker’s paradise?

10)   What has been your personal highlight since living aboard? And your personal nightmare?

Thanks for reading and participating!

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Lisa Dorenfest said...

Honored to be nominated by Its Irie and to be considered alongside such great blogs. I have already started thinking of my answers to your great questions.