Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stuck in Tahiti, but Never Bored!

When you live on a boat and cruise the seas of the world, plans change all the time, even more so in the Pacific Ocean, where the distances are long. Most people we have talked to the last year, did not stick to their initial plans or schedules for one reason or another. Boat issues are the number 1 incentive to stay longer in a place (it needs to get fixed before being able to move) or leave immediately (to find parts). Some cruisers rush to a haulout facility, others to Tahiti.  You stay longer than planned for packages to show up, because you enjoy the social scene, or because you are finally in a city with all its useful amenities. Or, because you could use a break from the boat.

Mark and I had been talking about a few options once we arrived in Tahiti. After getting some things straightened out on Irie, figuring out some health issues and catching up on internet tasks, we could move to shore for a bit (hard to find a suitable place for one month near the mooring field, and moving all our things would be a hassle), sail over to pretty Moorea (a good option once we could pull ourselves away from the conveniences here), fly to the States to see friends and family (very expensive and someone would have to keep an eye on the boat) or take a vacation to Easter Island for a week (yes, we do need a real vacation and haven’t had one in the seven years aboard).

In the end, we decided it would be best for Mark to fly to the US and for me to stay on Irie. He could take care of the things he needed to take care of there, be with friends and family and have unlimited, fast internet, and I could keep life going at this end. While he is being spoiled with hot, pressurized showers, an efficient washing machine, a car to run errands and family dinners, I am spoiled by cruiser friends around me. They invite me over for dinner on their boat, give me a lift to shore, join me to Happy Hour, include me doing fun activities and bring me fresh baguettes and homemade cake. My days are so full that I barely have time for those leftover boat projects and all those articles that need writing! :-)

Happy Hour at Casa Bianca with Rachel, Patrick, Cheryl, ...

... Chris, Mark, Rene, and Giorgio

Cleaning and fixing the raw water pump

Happy Hour with Gesina and Leo - more people we met before, all over the Caribbean and Pacific

Steve and Mark at a bar in Pape'ete

Liesbet and Lily at the same bar - we met the friendly folks of Liward in the Perlas, Panama

The roulottes in Pape'ete - a great evening out!

The roulottes (food vans) bring their own cooks, waitresses, tables, chairs and equipment

One of the roulottes on the waterfront in Pape'ete (only at night)

Have a smooth trip and stay in the US, Mark, and see you back on Irie soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting following you across the seas. Am erstwhile CT sailor on LIS. You passed us here on the ICW on the Treasure Coast in SOFLA .

Liesbet said...

Thanks for reading our blog! Wow, on the ICW...That is a long time ago. We still had our dogs, our sense for adventure and our good health back then. Are you guys still cruising?

Anonymous said...

I am landbound here in SoFla ! Arrived here in Stuart a year ago after 8 years in Paradise, ie HI; about 2800 miles north of you. Love islands and Polynesia. What's your next destination ? What are the kama'aina / locals like in Pape'ete ? Really enjoyed reading about Fakarava !!!!
Will you stop in Bora Bora ?!!!

Liesbet said...

Stuart is a great little town, perfect to get the boat ready for the cruising life. We left from there to the Bahamas in the beginning of 2008!

Awesome that you lived in Hawaii - this place is in the back of our heads as a possible spot to settle for a bit. By the sounds of it, the islands combine all good things Pacific with most good things American. :-)

We are hoping to reach Fiji by the end of the year, after stopping at the islands in between there and Tahiti.

The locals in Tahiti are mostly friendly and hospitable; not as much so as in the outer islands, but we have had some great experiences nevertheless.

We hope to stop in Bora Bora! Not sure how much time we will have left by the time we get there - we have to get back to the boat first. We might have to start moving west quickly to beat the cyclone season...

Enjoy SoFla!!