Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things We Do Like about Curaçao

A place is rarely ever all bad or nobody would go or live there, right? The same is true for Curaçao. The longer you spend in an area, the more it grows on you and the more first impressions are likely to change. Our first impressions did prove to stick and blend with second and third impressions, but especially the capital Willemstad did grow on us a bit after spending a whole day roaming around and discovering pleasant cafes and great happy hours. What else stood out?

  • -         The grounds of the Kura Hulanda Hotel and the “hidden” tree sculptures in Willemstad. For the last discovery you have to keep an eye on the trees scattered throughout the capital.

-         The free shopping bus (driver stood out for unfriendliness) to the Vreugdenhil supermarket, which leaves every day at 10am from the dinghy dock in Spanish Waters. The supermarket has a wide selection of goods for provisioning. The boat stores Budget Marine and Island Water World, plus a hardware store, are within walking distance. You have one hour to do your shopping before the bus returns.

-         The folks from SV Papillon and the very helpful and nice Irwin, all Dutch cruisers in Spanish Waters.

-         The cheap buses to get to Willemstad and further afield.

-         The free and quick ferry to get from Punda to Otrobanda (and vice versa) in Willemstad, when the Queen Emma floating bridge is open for boat traffic.

-          McDonalds value menu items, like the strawberry sundae, for about $1.

-          The different bridges and historic buildings in Willemstad.

-          Shete Boka National Park.

-          Santa Cruz Bay at anchor.

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Unknown said...

Good to read your positive follow-up. It seems that you are taking a little time to enjoy the moments as they come and go. Peace to you both :)