Monday, May 18, 2015

South Island Scenery – The Catlins

After traversing the South Island, checking out a few lakes, and exploring the coast around Dunedin a bit, Mark and I set out to a less visited area. With our campervan, we went around the long way to Invercargill, following the southern coastline. Our main destination was the Catlins, a region infamous for its windy and icy climate. When a southerly runs, which is quite often, there is nothing protecting you from the high winds and cold temperatures coming straight from the Arctic. But, we were lucky. The wind – from the North – was manageable and the short daylight hours contained a lot of sun, which allowed for some fun experiences and encounters.  

One of the Catlins' beaches

Coastal walk to a lighthouse

Scenic Nugget Point lighthouse

The rocky nuggets at Nugget Point

Fern trees on the walk to a waterfall

Purakaunui Falls

Coastal drive in the peaceful Catlins

Little waterfall along the shady trail to a big waterfal

Mc Lean Falls: one of the prettiest waterfalls we've seen during this NZ trip

Kelp on the rocky beach

After a few unsuccessful tries in other places, we finally saw some yellow eyed penguins come ashore in Curio Bay

As far as we could tell, six penguins arrived that evening - totally worth the chilly wait!

Catlins coastline

Petrified tree

Petrified forest in Curio Bay

Windblown trees in the Catlins

Which way to go to the lighthouse?

NZ fur seal having a macho rustle on the beach

Waipapa Point, beach and lighthouse in the Catlins

The signal station of Bluff, south of Invercargill

Signpost at Stirling Point, the end of the road (SHW 1), in Bluff

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