Thursday, October 9, 2014

Moorea Moments

Moorea served as a great "office with a view" for Mark and me. Despite all the work we had to do, we managed to explore a bit of the island above and beneath the water, and we did a few decent hikes. We also met up with some cruising friends we made along the way in the Pacific Ocean. After spending about a month on this gorgeous island, it was time to head back to Tahiti, but not for long... Some errands, some shopping, some cleaning, and some socializing were crammed into two days while the boat continually bounced up and down in the awfully choppy waters off marina Taina. Then, we were ready for some company!

My cousin Griet and her husband Wim arrived today for another visit to Irie – their fourth one. We picked them up at the airport early this morning, after they traveled for many hours, if not days! We plan to spend a couple of days on Tahiti, before heading back to...yep... Moorea! :-)

Here are some "Moorea moments"; pictures I - mostly - haven't posted before.

Moorea's "mountains" - Cook's Bay

Cook's Bay after days of rain

Our friends on Yum Yum, anchored next to Irie

Drive by Opunohu Bay to meet with friends

Surprise show by spinner dolphins while we drove by in our dinghy

Spinner dolphin number 2 - good timing!

Brunch on Irie with Tor and Valentine from SV Yum Yum, and JP and Marie from MV Domino

Moorea sunset after a clear day

Moorea is relatively touristy, with groups of jetskis passing by

NW of Moorea on one of the motus (low laying islands)

Staying in an over-the-water- bungalow in the high-end resorts costs anywhere between $500 and $900 a night!

Working here is more enjoyable than in any of the other places we have anchored in French Polynesia

Mark and I are now mostly eating a "plant based diet" = lots of veggies!

Moorea = "pineapple island"

Cell tower disguised as a palm tree

Shrimp dinner on Irie with Giorgio

Swimming with sting rays

Swimming with black tip reef sharks (this one has a remora underneath)

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Lisa Dorenfest said...

Gorgeous photos Liesbet! You showcase Moorea perfectly!