Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fantastic Weekend in Uxbridge

Don’t let the name of this town fool you! Sure, Uxbridge is an in the “middle of nowhere” kind of place, and it sounds kind of funny, but at least seven of its inhabitants are really cool people. And that is reason enough for a visit! I am talking about two of Mark’s best friends from college and their families… Ryan, Denise and Jake welcomed us with open arms and delivered a great weekend. On Saturday, other college friends and their families came over for a fun and tasty BBQ and on Sunday, the five of us joined the other Uxbridge family (Holly, Kevin, Elena and Trevor) at a nearby pond and in the pool for another fun day.
Church in Milford on the way to Uxbridge

Jake and Mark playing with remote control cars

It was hard to recognize our hosts' house with the new addition!

Mark, Jake and Liesbet in front of the "doubled" house

Mark's new friend Elena

Summer means BBQ-ing in New England (and the rest of the USA)

Nice weather and nice company


Lou and Kim with daughter Emily

The twins are getting big: Liesbet with Arianna and Christopher

The kids are having fun in the pool

And that is why Americans need a big fridge and freezer - I have no idea how Denise manages to fit so much in this one... and find stuff back! Yes, they do have supermarkets in Uxbridge. :-)

Scary Mark with sweet Arianna

Elsa with Christopher

How is this for a Sunday breakfast?

Jake is getting ready to go fishing

Jake and Trevor on Pout Pond

Mark with some of the coolest people in Uxbridge


Jake next to his sandcastle

PS: These events happened almost three weeks ago. As of now, Mark and I are both pretty wiped out and are focusing on work, health issues, and some rest

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Lisa Dorenfest said...

OMG - your posts are making me home sick for the good ole US of A. I am sorry to hear that you both are wiped out but pleased that you are coming near to the end of Mark's treatment. Love the photos, especially those of you surrounded by the kids :-). Miss you!