Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dolphin Visit in Hanatefau, Tahuata

Mark and I have been anchored in the picturesque bay of Hanatefau, near Hapatoni village in Tahuata for almost a week. During that time we didn’t only get the company of a few other cruising boats, but also of a big pod of dolphins. They like being in this area and frequently visit the anchorage. We are very fortunate to freely and closely watch them fish, flap their tail onto the water surface, frolic, jump, spin and play. Our best guess is that they are spinner dolphins. It is an incredible sight; a show of nature that goes on for hours! Here are some snap shots to capture these magical moments… (We hope to post some long promised wildlife movies once we finally arrive in an area with good and fast internet, which might still be months. In the meantime, pardon us for the crappy layouts and funny looks of the blogs, as we send all these posts over incredibly slow and barely usable internet connections.)

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