Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canal Transit Delayed

People who tried to see Irie start her Panama Canal transit through the Gatun Locks, yesterday, January 18th, will have been disappointed. There was no Irie passing by and, most likely, no other sailboats either. Apparently, no advisors were available for the crossing, so Irie's transit was delayed by a day and that of others probably as well. We know of one boat being stuck in Gatun Lake for an extra night because of this issue. Imagine how this changes everybody's plans, hotel reservations or flights!!!

That nothing goes smoothly in Panama and that many people are incapable of doing their job is a known fact, but that even dealing with the canal authorities (this is a big and important operation) would bring us trouble was totally unexpected or thought of. Our transit was planned and scheduled six weeks ahead of time...

We had problems paying for the transit, our lines and tires showed up two hours late, our engines have not been cooperative and our transit date is postponed by a day. Maybe we are not "supposed" to go to the other side? Regardless, we will try again today. Same expected times, same webcams (see previous blog). Stay tuned!

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