Tuesday, November 13, 2012

San Blas Underwater – Photo Blog

After the long story about our failed sailing attempt to Bocas del Toro last week and an uneventful rainy period here in our anchorage, it is time for some San Blas memories. Sitting in the muddy waters of Isla Linton and Portobelo for the last few weeks, one can’t help but think about and miss the relatively clear waters of Kuna Yala. Not much text, but plenty of pictures in this blog post. It’s time to rest your mind and entertain your eyes! :-)


Banded coral shrimp

Blenny in brain coral

Blue tang

Bright coral head

Christmastree worms

Anemone and coral close-up

Coming through the hole...

Coral scenery

Feather duster

Juvenile trunkfish

Lettuce sea slug


Mooray eel

Nurse shark

Ocean surgeon fish


Porcupine fish

Pretty coral setting

Ramoras hitching a ride with a green turtle

Spiny lobster

Spotted eagle ray



Tasty crab

Underwater plants

Underwater scenery

All photos are taken by Liesbet Collaert

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