Friday, November 30, 2012

Portobelo: Autumn Anchorage from Hell

Since coming back to Portobelo from our failed sailing trip to Bocas del Torro, Mark and I have been here three weeks. During that time, it rained constantly and we had to move several times because of “funny” wind and current situations and the fact that different boats move differently. While the bay was very uncomfortable certain times, the humidity was 100%, nothing dried and mildew grew everywhere, inside (and out!) Irie. Windows could not be opened, clothes turned moldy, and towels smelled awful. We were cooped up inside a 35’ area for weeks and each time we ran an errand, we got drenched and more wet clothes were added to the growing pile of disgust. One thing we did not have to worry about: fresh water! Enough to wash our whole wardrobe, if only we could hang the stuff out to dry…

Statistics of our Portobelo stay:
  • Consecutive days in the bay: 22
  • Maximum wave height from swells: 3 feet
  • Water color: coffee brown
  • Full nights of sleep: 1
  • Days without rain: 0
  • Near hits with other boats: 3
  • Times we had to move: 7
  • Days of uncomfortable pitching: 12
  • Thunder and lightning storms: 2
  • Staying dry during trips to shore: 5%
  • Humidity: 100%
  • Total amount of sun: 1 hour
  • Smoke detector alarm: 5 times ¹
  • Carbon monoxide alarm: 2 times ²
  • Level of crew happiness: -1
  • Days of nausea: 3
  • Better anchorages in the area: 0
  • Level of becoming insane: HIGH
  • Ranking on Irie’s list of long term anchorages: last place
  • Maximum amount of anchor chain out: 200 ft. (all)
  • Boats without anchor lights at night: 75%
  • General feeling: Being stuck indoors for too long
  • Colors of mold: black inside; green outside
  • General smell indoors: mildewy
  • Smell of towels: gross
  • Amount of towels used: all
  • Heap of laundry: growing
  • Shower water: cold as rain
  • Shower time: 3x a week ³
  • San Blas tan: gone
  • Smiles on our faces: none
  • Water tank and jerry jugs: overflowing
  • Color Irie’s waterline: brown instead of white
  • Color Irie’s bottom: green instead of blue
  • Unfinished projects: 10
  • Tools out for halted projects: floor and spare bunks covered

¹ Due to cooking in a closed-up boat
² Due to opening door a crack while generator (producing exhaust) was running in the cockpit and battery fumes traveling around while being charged in a closed- up boat
³ As to refrain wet and smelly towels

Choppy, muddy Portobelo Bay with boats doing different things

Three weeks of constant rain was too much for our cup and duct tape to keep water out of the hole underneath...

Normally not of the superstitious kind, Mark and I did blame the "little wooden man" for all our bad luck and "sent" him back to the San Blas.

One hour of sun!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Tough time there Irie, but congrats on you for spitting out the bad with the good. I hope it dries up for you soon! Take care, sunny skies are ahead for sure....hopefully sooner rather than later.