Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Settled Back onto Irie and into the San Blas

Mark and I have been back on our floating home and in the beautiful San Blas islands for six weeks already. Time flies! We’ve gotten used to the climate, the routine and the daily chores of our cruising lifestyle. Not that there is much cruising going on right now. We’ll be in this piece of paradise again for a total of two to three months. We try to be productive in the mornings – yoga, writing, internet, boat chores – and to enjoy ourselves in the afternoons – reading or fun in the water - with some social times in the evenings once in a while. That’s the goal, but reality is pretty far from that.

It is still raining and storming a lot, especially at night. This means a lack of sleep (Is everything OK? Wow, did you see that lightning strike hit the island? It was orange, looking like fire on the bottom!), and tired days. A lot of our neighbors take naps, but I can’t get myself to lose half of the day and feel groggy afterwards. There is always so much to do! Weather permitting I try to do an hour of yoga under the palm trees with a friend, first thing in the morning. Then it is computer time and before we know it, the day is half gone. Most of the time, there is more important stuff to do than sitting behind my laptop, like making and baking bread, helping Mark with a boat project, doing some cleaning, laundry or washing up, dealing with the vegetable boat, and so on. 

In between rainstorms, when the sun peaks out, it is the perfect time to go snorkeling. Unfortunately, by the time the afternoon swings by, the clouds have gathered already again. But, on an ideal afternoon, my friend Michele and I go snorkeling on one of the pretty reefs and the men (Mark and Mark) go fishing on the outer reef. My Mark is still practicing a lot, and sometimes comes home with a little fish or a lobster. Michele’s Mark is a very experienced and accomplished fisherman and only settles for the biggies. Since their fridge is full from their recent provisioning session on the mainland, we are the lucky ones receiving half of the catch!

On rainy days, we just hang about our boat, doing a little chore here and there, baking desserts and cooking yummy meals, and reading up about the Pacific islands. We are collecting loads of rainwater and don’t have to be skimpy with our use of water for a change. Electricity is a bit harder to get by, with those cloudy skies and lack of wind. All in all, life is good on Irie and every beautiful, sunny day is embraced and cherished by all. I am looking forward to that ideal day again, with clear skies to sleep well at night and to enjoy yoga and snorkeling during the day. Oh, and to do some “loads” of laundry. Maybe tomorrow is that day? 

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