Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Underwater World of the San Blas Islands

It has been raining for five days in a row in our little piece of paradise. The sky is grey and massive ominous dark clouds keep forming and heading our way. Tons of water falls out of the sky, filling our water tank and jerry cans, which are now overflowing, and keeping the air damp, so nothing dries. We collect laundry water and rinse water, but, with no sun to dry our clothes, that chore is postponed until the sky brightens again. The palm trees are swaying in the heavy winds and the islands and choppy waters beckon for reprieve. Some of the storms contain massive thunder heads that vibrate our boat with every roar. Bright, dangerous lighting bolts create a painful spectacle for the eyes, while they lit the whole area. With every flash in close proximity, we hold our breaths, hoping it will not hit our boat.

While being cooped up inside Irie, it is the perfect time to focus on the beauty that lies beneath the storms and that we will investigate more once all this “blows over”. Enjoy the following pictures of the local underwater world!


Spotfin butterflyfish

Scrawled filefish


Ocean surgeon


Spotted eagle ray

Southern stingray

Coral scene

Elkhorn coral

Colorful coral scene

Foureye butterflyfish

Shallow coral scene

Purple flowers...

Some kind of crab

Fuzzy flowerlike things

Hiding pufferfish

Young blue tang

Spiny lobster


Coral crab

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Mark and Michele s/v Reach said...

You've got a good eye for crabs - those two are really cool species!