Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess the Dish!

Who knows the name of this dish? Give it a try in the comments.

TIP: It has to do with Mark's college years...


maryLoucarpenter said...

coin sliced Vienna sausage with red onions and peppers.
love the food photos and all the useful info in you blog.

dmmbruce said...

Meals like that, and every other permutation of what there is in the cupboard, that are thrown together and fried, were always called a "Lash-up".

However, I suspect yours is far more civilised!


Wim (Griet) said...


Liesbet said...

Great job! Thanks for guessing everyone. It was indeed a quick meal with what was left over in the cupboards and fridge and it consisted of chopped up chorizo, red onions and green pepper. We threw in some couscous afterwards also. Not the best meal Mark ever made.. :-)

The correct name of the dish, however, is "kielbasa a la Wojo", named after some incident at Mark's fraternity many years ago. Keith had it right and was the quickest (of the college boys) to respond by email.