Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ready to Go, but…

On Friday, October 22nd, Mark and I finished the last errands before we could really and permanently leave Grenada. The outboard engine was fixed and essential parts (which the Yamaha store here ordered in the States and we had to wait for) replaced, the dinghy had its “last” hole patched, the house was clean, the fridge full of fresh food and all the dirty laundry done! We were ready to go, physically and mentally, but… the weather did not cooperate. The forecast for the coming week predicted no wind!

So, we “sat back”, relaxed and enjoyed … mmm… waiting around. Soon enough, we started emptying the fridge again, making the boat dirty, wearing clothes, using the acquired diesel and gas and getting into new “projects”, namely dealing with our dinghy and portable generator issues. The good news: we can spend a bit more quality time with our friends. The bad news: I am already starting to miss the things and people we will leave behind! Should we spend another season in the Eastern Caribbean? Nope… we are going for it, wind behind us, following seas and exploring new horizons. Soon!

Windguru forecast

Fixing outboard problems

Enjoying a great night out with our friends Sim and Rosie

Motoring around the corner from Prickly Bay to Morne Rouge Bay with SV Alianna

Sunset from Morne Rouge Bay. Soon, we'll be heading that way!

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