Thursday, July 21, 2011

Irie’s Thought, Experience, Quote or Anecdote of the Week

Sometimes funny, unbelievable or interesting things happen in our life on the water. Most often these experiences are had ashore in the different countries, with their different cultures and different education. During cocktail time, sea stories are exchanged and thoughts are shared. After one too many drinks, somebody might even have a cure for all the evil in the world. In a moment of inspiration, when all the right components are present (not too hot, not too humid, not too tired, not too busy), words and quotes are invented. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these words and anecdotes of grandeur in a separate section of our blog. So, from now on, enjoy Irie’s Thought, Quote or Anecdote of the Week in the right column of It’s Irie.

Week 1: “How much do you want to pay?” "EC$5 (US$2)" "OK!" Conversation that took place in a local bar in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou, when we asked for a "good" price for our rum and cokes.

Week 2: "1 for 2 and 2 for 5!" (EC$) was the answer when we asked for the price of avocados in Tyrrel Bay last year. :-) They caught on: now it's 1 for 3 and 2 for 5!

Week 3: The Interview with a Cruiser (IWAC) Project:
It was an honor and fun to be interviewed for this great initiative and project! To read our interview, click here!

Week 4: "Maybe we should go to the Pacific..." stated Mark recently, growing a bit tired of the (Eastern) Caribbean. Food for thought, especially when I thought I would need two years to convince him!

Week 5: The perfect weekend - Friday night: martinis with cruising friends, Saturday night: local party with cheap drinks, free local food, great hospitality and making Grenadian friends, Sunday: delicious brunch (potatoes, bread fruit, bacon, eggs, toast, cheese and mimosas) on Irie with cruising friends, afternoon at local/mixed party on the beach and dinner (fajitas) on Irie with cruising friends!

Week 6: Not again!!!
(Tip: It involves a lot of money, sweat, mosquitoes, work and tiredness -- We hoped not to do this for at least another year!)

Week 7: "Silicone is like medicines... it is out of date by the time you need/use it and doesn't work properly!"

Week 8: I am ready for a vacation (= relaxation and exploration)!

Week 9: “Don’t worry about me. I am in personal communication with God!”
(Answer from one American -female- cruiser to another cruiser who inquired how she and her husband were doing after having dragged on shore during "the big Grenadian squall".)

Week 10: "In Grenada, you don't take "contraceptive pills" for birth control, you take "Family Planning Pills"".

Week 11: "An indication of whether you start a day good or a bad is the realization of whether you WANT to get up or NEED to get up."

Week 12: "The more you want something, the less likely it will happen! (Especially if it is weather dependent...)"

Week 13: "Planticipation: On a boat, you planticipate. A plan never works out and anticipation always fails and leads to disappointment, so, while sailing around and living on the water, it’s all about plantification: you plan and anticipate, fully knowing that whatever you hope for will not happen and whatever happens is how it will be!"

Week 14: "Leaving the familiar, heading for the unknown..."

Week 17: "Back from vacation to civilization. "

Week 18: "The view through my porthole keeps changing!"

Week 19: " It's been one year since Darwin departed our lives. We still think about him every day and miss him loads..."

Week 20: " December, a month of sorrow, every year! My thoughts are with my family... "

Week 21: "New places, new faces, new cultures, new adventures..."

Week 22: "To all the readers of It's Irie: Have a wonderful and merry Christmas with special gifts and lots of love!!!"

Week 23: "Back in Panama; by boat this time! Who would have guessed?"

Week 24: "Mark and I wish you all a fantastic 2012 with lots of friendship, good health, love and adventure!"

Week 25: “Local tomatoes in St. Lucia are more expensive per pound than imported ones, because they are bigger.” – St. Lucian tour guide in a supermarket (overheard while in Rodney Bay last year)
Week 26: "Feeling quite good about our boat life now: perfect weather, great sailing, a beautiful region -as tropical as it gets- and "enough" internet to get that part of life going as well! :-) Who wants to come visit?"

Week 27: "On a sailboat boredom equals laziness, since there is always something to do, fix, research, buy, explore, clean, wash, cook, organize, prepare, ... How can any cruiser ever get bored?"

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