Friday, April 25, 2008

Eleuthera Explored (part 2, pictures)

Rock Sound: On the beach.

The mama and the papa on Rock Sound beach.

Rock Sound: Socializing with Jamaicans at the Blue Hole.

Cape Eleuthera marina: Siphoning R/O water in our tank.

We each had our job doing the water transport.

Cape Eleuthera marina: Giving the dogs water on one of our walks.

Governor's Harbour: The cute church.

Governor's Harbour: Cupid's Cay.

Governor's Harbour: The interesting looking library.

Tarpum Bay: Ruins of some kind of castle or church.

Tarpum Bay: Buying fish from the locals.

Cape Eleuthera marina: Listening to the weather forecast of heavy winds, and being disappointed. Plans will have to change.

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